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The Eaton EX RT UPS, part of the Pulsar Series, offers high availability, flexibility and minimum total cost of ownership for Servers, data storage, network equipment, telephony - VOIP, medical equipment and industrial processes. Delivering on-line double conversion protection in versatile Rack/Tower format.

  • Maximum availability through ON-LINE double conversion topology with automatic by-pass and manual by-pass as standard
  • Hot Swappable electronic module and batteries
  • Available in Rack/Tower convertible versions
  • Multilingual LCD display for easy operation, access to measurements and customized set-up
  • Extended runtime solutions with EXB cabinets, up to 8 hours with CLA supercharger solution
  • Best-in class power management with Serial port + Contact port and slot for optional Management Cards (Web/SNMP, Contacts, ModBus)
Основные параметры
Номинальная мощность 5 - 11 кВА
Номинальное напряжение 200-250 В 1ph 380/400/415 В 3ph
Частота: 50/60 Гц
Конфигурация Rackmount/Tower
Серия продукта Pulsar



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